Affiliated Organizations

4Kids Project

4Kids Project is a program created by FOSM to work with local schools to provide Archaeology and Art programs for schoolchildren. The goal is to use the SWM and its collections for enrichment programs on local history and archaeology, the arts of indigenous peoples, and demonstrations by local artists and artisans during and after school hours.

Friends of the Southwest Museum (FOSM)

Friends of the Southwest Museum (FOSM) is a local volunteer organization created as a coalition after the SWM merger and is dedicated to supporting the SWM and Casa with fundraising, educational programming, and community involvement. FOSM is presently an action committee of the LLL.

The Gabrieleño Kizh Nation

The Gabrieleño Kizh Nation is the Indigenous Tribe of Northeast Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains, and is keeping its arts, culture, religion, and traditional ways of life alive.

Highland Park Heritage Trust

Highland Park Heritage Trust

Highland Park Heritage Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Los Angeles and Arroyo Seco Communities.

Marmion Mile

Marmion Mile is a group of neighbors living within the corridor of Marmion Way, between Monte Vista and Figueroa Streets, whose goal is to improve the quality of life for residents by way of improved pedestrian safety, traffic calming measures, and sustainable street planning as it interfaces with the Metro Gold Line. We also wish to highlight the historic importance of Marmion Way and its connectivity between the SWM, Casa, and the Lummis home. 

Milford Archaeological Research Institute (MARI)

Milford Archaeological Research Institute (MARI)
is a non-profit educational organization created to train community volunteers and students in archaeology; to promote archaeological inquiry, public understanding, and awareness of past lifeways; and to preserve and protect our cultural heritage.

Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance (MWHA)

Mount Washington Homeowners Alliance (MWHA) is a voluntary homeowners association that seeks to protect, enhance, and improve the quality of life in Mount Washington and to support its partner communities of Glassell Park, Highland Park, Cypress Park and Sycamore Terrace. The MWHA is committed to responsible development of the hillsides and preservation of the unique architecture and community life of the neighborhood while also preserving high quality natural habitat and open space.

Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance is an organization providing a support system in Northeast LA for LGBT individuals and a leading educational resource for individuals and the community-at-large on the true nature of homosexuality.
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